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I KNOW how it is to feel lost, afraid, frustrated, uncertain, seeking meaning and purpose, craving permission to be your authentic self, but not quite knowing where to turn or how to get there. 

I want to help you listen to the wisdom of your soul. I want to help you find joy, validation, a fresh perspective, the answers and meaning you seek.  I want you to know that you're not alone.

Deep down, you know the answers, you just need a little nudge in the direction of your inner wisdom, some encouragement on your journey, and maybe to feel like someone else 'gets it'.

Well brave soul, I get it!  I SO get it!  And I'm here with options! 
You get to choose what makes sense for where you're at.

Here's how I can be of service...


What's in the Stars?

In basic terms, astrology is the study of astronomical objects (stars, planets), and specific points in the sky, and how these correlate to/reflect/impact life on earth, on both a collective, and individual level.  Astrology is an ancient, and vast wisdom tradition, practiced in some form, by every culture on earth.  There are many branches and methods of practicing astrology.  The type I practice, classified as Evolutionary Astrology, is one that uses the birth/natal chart (basically a snapshot of the sky at the moment, and place of birth), as a tool to understand a person's general personality, essence, and unique soul's path.  Using the information in your birth chart, I can help you to understand yourself, and your soul's journey.  This can be a powerfully validating, and healing experience, and one that can help you grow, and evolve towards your truest potential.  

Here's what some clients have had to say about their experience...

"Lara! Wow! I will be listening to both readings again. They spoke to my soul. So many things were resonating with me. Thank you so much...you have provided me with positive guidance and direction." ~ Tammy

"It’s crazy how accurate your reading was!" ~Kelly

"Wow Lara!  All I can say is spot on in so many ways… it was like tears of joy and relief." ~Lisa

Use the PayPal buttons to purchase your selected reading, or e-transfer to: info@laranewell-barrette.ca 

I will need your email address to connect with you, so send me a short note via email, or on Facebook, with your email address.

Once payment is received (and I have your email address), you'll get an email from me, within 48 hours. Don't forget to check your junk/spam folder in case! 

For astrology readings, I will need your date (year, month, day), and place of birth, and your birth time, if you know it, or at least a close estimation.  Readings can still be done without a birth time, but this allows for a more detailed, and accurate reading.  I endeavour to get astrology readings delivered within 10 business days of order, but this may vary depending on my schedule.  Readings are always confidential.  

All prices are in CDN$ and incl. HST.  Prices reflect the time it takes to create the chart, do a careful analysis, and relay the information to you.


Winter Moon stars

A Taste of Astrology Reading

If you've never had an astrology reading before, this is a great place to start.  In this 30 minute recorded audio reading, I will walk you through the basics of your birth chart, to help you get a sense of the 'building blocks' of your personality.  I'll touch on your Sun Sign (the sign that everyone is familiar with), as well as your Rising Sign (if birth time provided), and Moon Sign, and how these impact you.  I'll also point out the distribution of modes (cardinal, fixed, mutable), and elements (fire, earth, air, water) in your chart, and how this may be reflected in your personality.  Lastly, I'll touch on any life areas (houses in the chart), where there is a concentration of planetary energy.

Taste of Astrology Reading - $40.00

The reading will be recorded as an audio file (MP3) for you to download and keep.  I will also email you a copy of your birth chart.  


Full Birth/Natal Chart Reading - Focus on Soul Path & Healing

jeremy bishop 211453.croppedThis reading digs deeper.  I take a look at all the significant components of your chart as above, and then focus specifically on the parts of your chart that shine a light on your soul's path.  Who are you at your core?  What are the life lessons you are here to focus on in this lifetime?  What parts of you/areas of your life, require acknowledgement and healing, and how can addressing these, bring you to a place of greater peace, and alignment?  

You have the option of having this reading done as either an audio recording, or live via Skype (or telephone if preferred). 

Full Natal Chart Reading - Audio Recording - $85

The reading will be recorded as an audio file (MP3) for you to download and keep.  I will also email you a copy of your birth chart.  


Full Natal Chart Reading - Live via Skype or Phone - $110.00

We will schedule a mutually agreed upon date/time to meet for your reading, via Skype or telephone.  I will also email you a copy of your birth chart.


"Astrology is a language.  If you understand this language, the sky speaks to you." ` Dane Rudhyar


Astro-Tarot Combo Readings 

These readings combine Tarot & Astrology to cover all the bases with added insight.  By purchasing readings in combination, you get a discount too!  See the specific readings included, for more detailed info on what's covered.

   Use the PayPal buttons to purchase your selected reading, or e-transfer to: info@laranewell-barrette.ca 

A Taste of Astrology Reading & Three Card Tarot Reading

bryan minear 350170.croppedCombine the basic birth chart reading, with a three-card question/issue specific reading for a hit of self-insight and clarity around any pressing issue you're currently facing, or burning question you have.

Taste Of Astrology + Three Card Issue Specific Astro-Tarot Reading - $65

The astrology reading will be recorded as an audio file (MP3) for you to download and keep.  I will also email you a copy of your birth chart.  You will receive the tarot reading as a separate audio file (or as a written document if you prefer).


A Taste of Astrology Reading & Birthday/Cycle Ahead 7 Card Tarot Reading

This package combines the basic birth chart reading, with a more in depth tarot reading that covers the year or cycle ahead.  By combining this information, you can make the most of what's to come.

Taste of Astrology + Cycle Ahead Astro-Tarot Reading - $90

The astrology reading will be recorded as an audio file (MP3) for you to download and keep.  I will also email you a copy of your birth chart.  You will receive the tarot reading as a separate audio file (or as a written document if you prefer).

Questions?  Want to arrange an alternate form of payment?  Get in touch here: info@laranewell-barrette.ca 

What's in the Cards?

Have a specific question?  Need some clarity or validation around a certain situation?  Want insight into what's on the horizon, and how to best move forward?  Seeking some higher wisdom to help you recognize the truth, your truth?

In these readings, I use tarot and other oracle cards as a tool to connect you to the answers and guidance you seek.  The cards help tap into the collective conscious/divine guidance/universal energy flow (whatever you want to call it), and retrieve the messages you most need to hear.

Use the Paypal buttons to purchase your selected reading, or e-transfer to: info@laranewell-barrette.ca 

I will need your email address to connect with you, so send me an short note via email, or on Facebook, with the address you want the reading sent to!

Once payment is received (and I have your email address), you'll get an email from me within 48 hours. Don't forget to check your junk folder in case!  

All prices are in CDN$ and incl. HST.  All readings are confidential.

Three Card Readingcards and crystals.cropped

These readings focus on a Specific Question/Issue that you'd like clarity on.

People use these readings for guidance on everyday concerns like relationships, career, finances, re-locating, etc.  
Or, for more elusive issues, such as feelings of stuckness, confusion about life direction, or how to navigate obstacles that are interfering with personal satisfaction, and happiness.  You send me your specific question/concern, and I'll do your personal three-card reading, and deliver it in the format you chose!

Three Card Reading  - $30

The reading will be sent to you as an audio (Mp3) recording. You will also receive a photo of your card spread.



"Thank you so much I feel better already!!" ~Elizabeth



Birthday Reading - Yearly/Seasonal Overview Reading

This 7 card tarot reading, will give you an overview of the year or period ahead.  This is a great reading to have (or gift) around a birthday, at the start of a new year, or anytime you would like more in depth insight into the cycle ahead.  I can cover 3 months, or a whole year, the choice is yours.  The reading is presented in simple terms, in point form, so you can easily reference it whenever you need a reminder or re-focus.  

This reading covers the following areas: 

    1. Main theme of the year/cycle Year Ahead Spread.edited
    2. Departing energies of previous year/cycle 
    3. Talents/Strengths to embrace 
    4. Opportunities to embrace 
    5. Potential obstacles to be aware of
    6. How to navigate obstacles
    7. Best path to achieving intentions/goals 

7 Card Birthday or Year/Cycle Ahead Reading - $60

Your reading will be sent to you  as an audio (Mp3) recording. I will also include a photo of your card spread.



Questions?  Want to arrange an alternate form of payment?  Get in touch here: info@laranewell-barrette.ca


We're all in this together! 

Group workshops are a powerful way to make us feel less alone and more connected.  If you're interested in hosting a workshop for your employees, organization, event, or just a group of family and friends, please get in touch!

Send me an email and we'll go from there!

I offer workshops on subjects ranging from astrology, to connecting to our intuition, being an empath, and dealing with panic, anxiety and fear, because being a sensitive soul can be really challenging on the best of days, let alone in the midst of these crazy times we live in!

 Practical Magic for Moving Through Fear.grey

Do you suffer from Anxiety and/or Panic Attacks?

Does Fear stop you from fully embracing life?
This 4 hour in-person workshop will allow you to explore your relationship to fear in a safe and comfortable environment.
You'll walk away with strategies and concrete actions you can take to help you calm your anxiety & panic, and get on with living!
You'll be encouraged and empowered to live a more courageous life - whatever that looks like to you.


 Altar pic from tree cropped

"It was more than I could have hoped for...it gave me direction.  Without a doubt or a moment of hesitation, this workshop has and will continue to change my life and how I choose to live it." - Christine




More of an independent, DIY kinda soul? 

Me too!  That's why I love e-courses!  I love taking them, and I love creating them and supporting the amazing brave souls who sign up for them! 

The beauty of online learning is that you can do it from literally anywhere with an internet connection, and on your schedule.  Um, who doesn't love convenience?  Some folks have to get used to the idea, but once people try it, they tend to wonder why they were so resistant in the first place.  My intention is always to design courses that are flexible, engaging, and appeal to all styles of learners.  

I'm currently in the process of creating an astrology course for beginners or those that want a refresh of the basics.  If you're interested, please make sure you subscribe to my email list by entering your name and email in the boxes on the right side of this page.  That way, you'll be sure to hear when the course is announced!  In the meantime, you can follow me on YouTube where I share weekly astrology readings and general witchy wisdom.

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One to one guidance and intuitive coaching:

If you're struggling with something like a big life change, important decision, problematic relationship, if you need to get your mojo back, or are longing to get closer to your soul's purpose, this could be just what you need!  


These individual sessions are tailor made to you, and whatever issues you're seeking insight on.  

I use a variety of  practical magic in the form of  astrology (looking at your personal birth chart), coaching/counselling techniques, intuitive guidance and card reading, to help you connect to your inner wisdom and find the answers that are true for you. I may also suggest resources to support you in moving forward.

All prices include pre-session email correspondence, the time it takes for me to prepare for the session, the session itself, and an e-mail follow-up.

4 danielle macinnes beginmugIndividual sessions are one hour in length at a current investment of: $100.00+HST CDN 


Follow up sessions are offered at a rate of: $85.00+HST CDN/hour 

or, $45+HST CDN/half hour.      

The relationship is one of collaboration, respect, encouragement, support and confidentiality. 

Sessions are conducted by telephone or Skype. 

If you have further questions or would like to book a session, contact me at: info@laranewell-barrette.ca or message me on Facebook.

"Choosing to work with Lara was one of the best life decisions I've ever made! One of her great talents is her empathy, which combined with her ability to listen deeply to the messages that exist beyond words, allows her to read the “big picture.” In doing so, Lara was able to coach me into answering my own questions and led me to a better understanding of my true values and intentions, as opposed to what I thought I "should" be doing. - Neha, CEO, PACE Consulting Inc. | www.yourpace.ca