Witchy Wednesday - Astrology for Jan 29 - Feb 4, 2020

Lilith & Chiron in Aries - Empowerment & Healing of the Feminine

Although Neptune and Venus in Pisces squaring Mars in Sagittarius certainly has our attention this week, there is something else of importance brewing in the cosmos.  Black Moon Lilith - the energy of the raw and real feminine has moved into Aries to join Chiron and eventually Eris.  Lilith was Adam's first wife who refused to bow down and submit.  As a result, she was kicked out of the Garden of Eden.

Lilith in Aries combined with Chiron, draws our attention to the wounding and healing around issues of female empowerment, autonomy, sexual exploitation, power, reproductive rights, and equality.  Lilith in Aries wrote the book on, "My body, my choice."
In other news, this weekend marks the festival Imbolc, when we celebrate the first stirrings of new life, and gradual return of the light.