Witchy Wednesday - Astrology for Jan 15 - 21, 2020

Venus in Pisces, Mercury & Sun in Aquarius - Easing into the Future

We are coming down from the powerful astrology of last week, and may be feeling a bit rattled, off-kilter, and challenged to get back into a routine.  Gradually, we'll get our bearings. But, we'll likely notice that rather than being back to 'normal', we're entering a new normal in our lives.  At the beginning, this can feel disorienting, confusing and uncertain.
Thankfully, we have Venus now in Pisces where she loves to be, and Jupiter becoming visible over the next couple of weeks.  Together, this will be a bit of sweet relief from the jarring and heaviness of all the recent events and the major Capricorn energy we've been in.

We also have both Mercury and the Sun moving into Aquarius and drawing our attention to where we want to liberate ourselves, do things differently, look at things from a unique perspective, colour outside the lines and perhaps approach things in a more innovative way.