Witchy Wednesday - Astrology for Jan 8-14, 2020

Cancer Lunar Eclipse, Saturn-Pluto Conjunct, Uranus Direct - Gateway to a New World

The beginning of 2020 asks us if we're willing to learn from the past and make better choices moving forward.  It sends us a message that material security doesn't trump emotional security.  In fact, it want us to wake up to the profound imbalances and work together to correct them.  It wants us to nurture ourselves and each other and the planet.  It also wants us to know that hard work eventually pays off and that we can do hard things.  It wants us to know all of this and more. 

I cover all the major events of this week that will have a long-ranging impact over the rest of this year and beyond.  This includes the January 10th Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Cancer opposite the Jan 12th Conjunction of Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn, as well as Uranus stationing Direct on the day of the eclipse and a whole lot more!