Practical Magic for Soul Liberation

Astrology for January 6-12, 2021

Mars, Mercury & Venus Change Signs - Insight into What's to Come in 2021

We have three planets changing signs this week. Venus shifts into Capricorn, asking us to take a practical approach to our desires, and to keep things simple, Mars finally moves out of Aries and into Taurus, and Mercury joins Jupiter and Saturn in Aquarius, where it will retrograde at month's end. The planets squaring off in Taurus and Aquarius will give us insight into what's to come. 

This is the first flash point of the Great Conjunction that happened on Dec 21st. What happens now, is a taste of what's to come. On a personal level, the houses that contain Aquarius and Taurus will be in tension on and off over the course of 2021. This can be both an exciting and stressful time in relation to these themes.


Astrology for December 30 - January 5, 2020

Cancer Full Moon - Coming Full Circle - Happy New Year! 

We made it! The Cancer Full Moon is a Full Circle moment in the saga of 2020. We began this life-changing year with a Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Cancer back in January, and we end the year with another Full Moon in the sign of the Crab. 2020 pulled the rug out from under us in a multitude of ways. It called in to question our place in the world, and what it means to be part of the human family. We may be grieving losses in ways we still don't fully comprehend.

Cancer reminds us that we all need to feel safe, nurtured, and emotionally cared for. May 2021 bring you a soft place to land, and connection with whoever is part of your tribe. Happy New Year, Brave Souls! Thank you for your support. XO Lara

Astrology for November 18-24, 2020

Venus Square Saturn and Sun into Sagittarius - Love, Actually

This week sees Venus in Libra Square Saturn in Capricorn. This is a dose of tough love. But what is love, actually? We may have to make some tough choices, have some difficult conversations, do some adulting around our relationships, money and/or values. We may have to set or overcome some boundaries in relation to these themes. Part of love is being accountable and expecting others to do the same. Saturn Venus can also highlight those relationships and experiences we are committed to for the long haul, through thick and thin.

Later in the week, the Sun makes it's yearly ingress into Sagittarius, the mutable fires sign symbolized the archer/centaur. Sagittarius is a natural optimist, always seeking truth and adventure. But like the centaur, has a brash, untamed side that can lead to going overboard, taking things too far. Lastly, we are on the precipice of eclipse season (cue dramatic music) which will highlight the turning point that 2020 has been in so many ways. More on that next week.

Astrology for December 2-15, 2020

Sagittarius Total Solar (New Moon) Eclipse - Waiting to Exhale

Here we sit in the bardo between Eclipses. The Sagittarius Total Solar (New Moon) Eclipse takes place on December 14th, 2020 at 23 degrees of the Mutable Fire Sign. This is part of an ongoing story that began back in June and is linked to previous eclipse cycles on this same axis of Gemini/Sagittarius.

This eclipse chart has no air in it. There is a sense of holding our breath, of waiting to exhale. When we finally do, Whoooooosh! Like putting bellows to a spark, this eclipse harkens in something new. But on the South Node, it informs us that something has to go in order to make room for the new.

Astrology for November 11-17, 2020

Scorpio New Moon, Jupiter/Pluto Conjunct, Mars Direct - Gaining Momentum

This week sees several major events. Most notably, the third and final Jupiter Pluto Conjunction in Capricorn, Mars stations Direct in Aries and we have the Scorpio New Moon which will sextile Jupiter and Pluto in Capricorn.

We are picking up momentum, hopefully in the direction we seek. One's thing is for certain, the Scorpio energy is abundant as both Scorpio's traditional ruler, Mars and modern ruler, Pluto have a role to play in this New Moon. The Fixed Water Sign of Scorpio is intense, this isn't a fluffy New Moon. It's a time to set some intentions that have some powerful emotion (water), and a sense of determination (fixed) behind them.