Practical Magic for Soul Liberation

Witchy Wednesday - Astrology for Feb 5 - 11, 2020

Leo Full Moon - Closer to the Heart

The Full Moon at 20 degrees Leo on February 9th is encouraging us to get closer to the heart.  Leo is our heart's desires, our individual self-expression, our joy and our creative life force.  The Sun in Aquarius opposite the moon, is shining light on the needs of the collective, the group, collaborations and our vision for the future.  

Something comes to light at this full moon that draws our attention to these themes and how they may be out of balance in our lives. The houses that Leo and Aquarius occupy for us will clue us in to the life themes being most impacted by this lunation.

Witchy Wednesday - Astrology for Jan 29 - Feb 4, 2020

Lilith & Chiron in Aries - Empowerment & Healing of the Feminine

Although Neptune and Venus in Pisces squaring Mars in Sagittarius certainly has our attention this week, there is something else of importance brewing in the cosmos.  Black Moon Lilith - the energy of the raw and real feminine has moved into Aries to join Chiron and eventually Eris.  Lilith was Adam's first wife who refused to bow down and submit.  As a result, she was kicked out of the Garden of Eden.

Lilith in Aries combined with Chiron, draws our attention to the wounding and healing around issues of female empowerment, autonomy, sexual exploitation, power, reproductive rights, and equality.  Lilith in Aries wrote the book on, "My body, my choice."
In other news, this weekend marks the festival Imbolc, when we celebrate the first stirrings of new life, and gradual return of the light.

Witchy Wednesday - Astrology for Jan 15 - 21, 2020

Venus in Pisces, Mercury & Sun in Aquarius - Easing into the Future

We are coming down from the powerful astrology of last week, and may be feeling a bit rattled, off-kilter, and challenged to get back into a routine.  Gradually, we'll get our bearings. But, we'll likely notice that rather than being back to 'normal', we're entering a new normal in our lives.  At the beginning, this can feel disorienting, confusing and uncertain.
Thankfully, we have Venus now in Pisces where she loves to be, and Jupiter becoming visible over the next couple of weeks.  Together, this will be a bit of sweet relief from the jarring and heaviness of all the recent events and the major Capricorn energy we've been in.

We also have both Mercury and the Sun moving into Aquarius and drawing our attention to where we want to liberate ourselves, do things differently, look at things from a unique perspective, colour outside the lines and perhaps approach things in a more innovative way.


Witchy Wednesday - Astrology for Jan 22-28, 2020

Aquarius New Moon square Uranus - Hey, Rebel! The Future is Now

The New Moon in the fixed air sign of Aquarius on Jan 24th-25th, gives us some clues as to what's unfolding for us over the year as we move towards the Great Conjunction of Saturn and Jupiter in late December of 2020.  She may also have some surprises in store, thanks to a square from Uranus in Taurus

In any case, this New Moon is an opportunity to start fresh, and to liberate ourselves from whatever has been holding us back in the house that Aquarius occupies in our chart.  Plant your intentions in the days following the New Moon.


Witchy Wednesday - Astrology for Jan 8-14, 2020

Cancer Lunar Eclipse, Saturn-Pluto Conjunct, Uranus Direct - Gateway to a New World

The beginning of 2020 asks us if we're willing to learn from the past and make better choices moving forward.  It sends us a message that material security doesn't trump emotional security.  In fact, it want us to wake up to the profound imbalances and work together to correct them.  It wants us to nurture ourselves and each other and the planet.  It also wants us to know that hard work eventually pays off and that we can do hard things.  It wants us to know all of this and more. 

I cover all the major events of this week that will have a long-ranging impact over the rest of this year and beyond.  This includes the January 10th Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Cancer opposite the Jan 12th Conjunction of Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn, as well as Uranus stationing Direct on the day of the eclipse and a whole lot more!