Practical Magic for Soul Liberation

Witchy Wednesday - Astrology for Oct 24 - 30, 2018

Full Moon in Taurus - Astrology for October 24-30, 2018 - Plot Twist!

This Full Moon at 1 degree Taurus, on October 24th, is conjunct Uranus and opposite both the Sun and Venus in Scorpio.  Tension, plot twists, uncertainty, impulsiveness excitement and opportunity are on offer.
Emotional break-downs or break-throughs are possible at this time.
Ultimately, the change that wants to happen is for the better.  Don't resist it.

Fortunately, Saturn is lending support.  Helping us to stabilize our emotions, allowing us patience, and encouraging us to find a self-loving, practical and sustainable solution to whatever arises.

Witchy Wednesday - Astrology for Oct 17 - Oct 24, 2018

Uranus Opposite Sun & Square the Nodes - Change of Destiny

This week, the Sun enters Scorpio, urging us to dig even deeper, to get to the bottom of things, like Sherlock Holmes.

Uranus at zero degrees Taurus, opposite the Sun and square to the Nodes in early Leo and Aquarius (the end of their journey in those signs), are pointing to a change of destiny!  BUT, we HAVE to participate.  These last 18 months have encouraged us all to be like Keanu Reeves in The Matrix. 
If we haven't yet, there's still time!

Witchy Wednesday - Astrology for Oct 3 - Oct 9, 2018

New Moon in Libra - Authentic Relationships

The New Moon in Libra will draw attention to how we do relationship.  With an abundance of Plutonian/Scorpionic Energy in the mix, this is anything but superficial.  We have the chance for powerful new beginnings in terms of how we relate.

The big question to ask ourselves at this time is, "Am I being authentic in my relationships?"  We may have to get off the fence (which is not something Libra is entirely comfortable with), and make a decision about where we stand on a particular issue.  If we choose not to exercise our free will, the universe will choose for us.

Witchy Wednesday - Astrology for Oct 10 - Oct 16, 2018

Astrology for October 10-16, 2018 - Journey to the Depths

Venus is retrograding through Scorpio until the end of October when she will re-visit Libra for a while.  Her retrograde is symbolic of journeying to the underworld and in Scorpio, this digging deep in all things Venus-related, is further intensified.

This week, she squares Mars in Aquarius - which can cause tension, conflict, anger and impatience in our relationships, or bring more passion and intensity to those relationships that are on stable footing.
Uranus opposite Mercury can also trigger confrontation, disagreements, nervous tension and anxiety.  OR, on a more positive note, it may lead to new insights and epiphanies.
Sun square Pluto can have us craving control in an attempt to keep our unconscious fears and past traumas at bay.  Choosing to face these head on, will allow us to gain an inner sense of power and control  - which is true power.

Witchy Wednesday - Astrology for Sept 26 - Oct 2, 2018

Healing, Transformation and The Balance of Power

Chiron re-entered Pisces yesterday until February.  This last visit to Pisces, before moving longer term into Aries, asks us to take note of where we may have unfinished healing business related to our spiritual sense of belonging.  Have we dealt with our pain by further isolating ourselves?  Have we been trying to escape it in unhealthy ways?  Or, has a dark night of the soul, led us to an awakening?

Pluto, making a long-term transit through Capricorn, goes direct on Tuesday, Oct. 2nd.  Wherever Capricorn is in our own personal chart, is where Pluto is making its transformational journey - where it wants us to go deep, be real, face our fears, release our skeletons, be vulnerable, take back our power, act with utmost integrity. 

As Joseph Campbell said, " The cave we fear to enter, holds the treasure we seek."