Practical Magic for Soul Liberation

Astrology for May 20-26, 2020

Gemini New Moon - Puzzle Pieces

The Gemini New Moon occurs on May 22, 2020 at 2 degrees of the Mutable Air Sign.  This along with the Sun's yearly entrance into Gemini puts extra focus on Gemini themes (communication, socializing, information gathering and sharing, curiosity...).  The area of our charts that Gemini sits will see some new beginning, or perhaps with all the current retrogrades, something old will be new again.

While Mercury and Venus also meet up in Gemini and form a tense able to Neptune in Pisces, we are cautioned to be mindful and clear in our communications and not to believe everything we hear or read.  The good news is, Saturn and Pallas in early Aquarius are harmonizing with the New Moon.  What we begin now may take a while to get off the ground, but it can have staying paying power.  In fact, we may see it expand around the time of the Great Saturn-Jupiter conjunction in December of this year.


Astrology for May 13-19, 2020

Venus Conjunct Vesta & ALL the Retrogrades - Follow the Yellow Brick Road

We are in the midst of a ton of retrograde energy.  The Big Review of what's happened so far on our personal and collective journeys.  Pluto and Saturn are currently retrograde and Venus and Jupiter join them on May 13th & 14th respectively.

We are all like Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz right now - in a crazy dream.  When we wake up, we (ideally) will be changed by our experience.  Venus Retrograde is conjunct Vesta - asking us to tune into our heart's desires. What and who are we truly devoted to?  What is sacred to us?  These are questions to reflect on during this time.


Witchy Wednesday - Astrology for April 29-May 5, 2020

North Node into Gemini until 2022 - Adapt & Evolve

The big event this week, is the shifting of the Nodal axis from Cancer/Capricorn into Gemini/Sagittarius.  The Nodes of the moon mark our past and future (to put it very simply).  Where the transiting North Node goes, our collective evolution follows.  Whereas the South Node, speaks to what it's time to let go of, purge, release, evolve from. For each of us, this will take place on a specific axis (in two opposing houses) in our chart.  These areas of life will see changes over the 18 months that the Nodes travel through these areas.  These changes are highlighted by the eclipses that take place in those signs during that time.

The Nodes return to the same signs every 18 years.  The last time the North Node was in Gemini and South Node in Sagittarius was between October 2001 & April 2003.  Collectively, we experienced the Sars Virus (Seriously).  Think back to that time for clues about what themes may come up for you over these next 18 months.

Witchy Wednesday - Astrology for May 6-11, 2020

Scorpio Full Moon & Saturn Retrograde - The Feeling Mind & Back to The Future

The Full Moon in Scorpio happens on May 7th at 6:45 a.m. EST at17 degrees.  In a word, Scorpio is intense.  This Full Moon may be emotionally intense, but there is cause for optimism too. We may experience the hand of Divine Grace as Neptune in Pisces is in trine with the Moon.  Neptune is also having a supportive conversation with Mercury who sits with the Sun in Taurus, and opposite the Moon. 

This Full Moon has the signature of what Danielle Dulsky refers to as the Feeling Mind.
A few days after the Full Moon in Scorpio, Saturn will Retrograde at 1 degree Aquarius (the spot of the Great Conjunction that will happen in December 2020).  The Lord of Time and Karma, stationing retrograde in the futuristic, innovative sign of Aquarius, allows us an opportunity to go Back to the Future.

Witchy Wednesday - Astrology for April 22-28, 2020

Taurus New Moon - Catalyst for a Sustainable Future

The New Moon in Taurus is upon us. Like any New Moon, this is a new beginning.  Taurus, ruled by Venus, is a Fixed Earth Sign - about what's tangible and what sustains us.  It has to do with nature, agriculture, our food supply, our bodies, our financial and material resources, and the simple pleasures that we experience through our senses.  Taurus likes to take it slow and steady.  Change is not something Taurus generally loves.  But, this isn't a typical New Moon in Taurus. 

This Sun and Moon are in close contact with Uranus.  Whereas Taurus prefers the status quo,  Uranus wants to shake things up.  Taurus wants stable.  Uranus disrupts.  Taurus sees the here and now, Uranus has its eyes on the future. Uranus is also approaching a tense conversation with Saturn, who's currently in Aquarius.  Uranus catalyzes, Saturn stabilizes.  If we work with this energy proactively, challenges can be catalyzed into opportunities.