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Witchy Wednesday - Astrology for Jan 15 - 21, 2020

Venus in Pisces, Mercury & Sun in Aquarius - Easing into the Future

We are coming down from the powerful astrology of last week, and may be feeling a bit rattled, off-kilter, and challenged to get back into a routine.  Gradually, we'll get our bearings. But, we'll likely notice that rather than being back to 'normal', we're entering a new normal in our lives.  At the beginning, this can feel disorienting, confusing and uncertain.
Thankfully, we have Venus now in Pisces where she loves to be, and Jupiter becoming visible over the next couple of weeks.  Together, this will be a bit of sweet relief from the jarring and heaviness of all the recent events and the major Capricorn energy we've been in.

We also have both Mercury and the Sun moving into Aquarius and drawing our attention to where we want to liberate ourselves, do things differently, look at things from a unique perspective, colour outside the lines and perhaps approach things in a more innovative way.


Witchy Wednesday - Astrology for Jan 8-14, 2020

Cancer Lunar Eclipse, Saturn-Pluto Conjunct, Uranus Direct - Gateway to a New World

The beginning of 2020 asks us if we're willing to learn from the past and make better choices moving forward.  It sends us a message that material security doesn't trump emotional security.  In fact, it want us to wake up to the profound imbalances and work together to correct them.  It wants us to nurture ourselves and each other and the planet.  It also wants us to know that hard work eventually pays off and that we can do hard things.  It wants us to know all of this and more. 

I cover all the major events of this week that will have a long-ranging impact over the rest of this year and beyond.  This includes the January 10th Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Cancer opposite the Jan 12th Conjunction of Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn, as well as Uranus stationing Direct on the day of the eclipse and a whole lot more!


Witchy Wednesday - Astrology for Dec 18, 2019 - Jan 7, 2020

Capricorn New Moon Solar Eclipse - Aligning the Material & Spiritual

We end 2019 and the Decade under the influence of a New Moon Solar eclipse and 7 planets in the Cardinal Earth Sign of Capricorn, whose symbol is the sea goat.  The symbol for Capricorn gives us clues as to the true nature, the highest expression of the energy of this sign.

Ultimately, Capricorn shows us that if we are to be at the top of our game, we must align our material ambitions with our spiritual intentions.  We don't need to neglect one or the other.  In fact, we shouldn't.  We are all spiritual beings having a very earthly human experience.  Spirituality and Material Success aren't mutually exclusive.

Witchy Wednesday - Astrology for Jan 8-14, 2020 Part 2

Cancer Lunar Eclipse, Saturn-Pluto Conjunct, Uranus Direct - Gateway to a New World

In this part of the video I cover these profound events for all 12 signs.



Witchy Wednesday - Astrology for Dec 11-17, 2019

Full Moon in Gemini - Make Good Choices

The Full Moon in Gemini is a culminating point, a levelling-up, a release, an illumination of all the information we've been bombarded with over this cycle (since the New Moon in Gemini in early June, 2019), and in this whole decade which is coming to a close.  Take the time to process and integrate the ideas, information, thoughts, communications coming your way.  In short, make good choices and focus on what's important.

There's much more to be said about this Full Moon, which I share in the video.
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