Practical Magic for Soul Liberation

Astrology for February 10-16, 2021

Aquarius New Moon - Power to the People (or Planting Magic Beans)

The Aquarius New Moon on February 11th, is a harbinger of change, a call to collective action. Personally, we each have the opportunity to take back our power and to plant some magic beans in at least one area of our lives. These seeds of change will grow steadily over the coming weeks, months and years if we're open to experimenting a little and doing the work ahead.

With six planets in Aquarius, this New Moon is reminiscent of the February 1962 Solar Eclipse which featured 7 planets in the Fixed Air sign and harkened in an explosion of social and political unrest, civil rights, antiwar, and independence movements, innovations in science, space and medicine, iconic music, literature and art. This was the inception of 1960s counterculture, the breakdown of old traditions, rules and established norms, and the backlash from those people and institutions who preferred the status quo.

Astrology for February 3-9, 2021

Venus/Saturn in Aquarius- Reality Checks, Commitments and Disruptions

There's a lot happening this week as per usual, but the main event as I see it, is Venus meeting up with Saturn in Aquarius and Squaring Uranus in Taurus. Venus and Saturn is a potentially heavy, difficult partnership. On the up side, it can give us the resources to make commitments and see them through to the end. Doing that, will eventually result in long-lasting rewards.

As Venus ties the knot with Saturn, Uranus shows up to disrupt the party in ways we may never have anticipated. It may bring with it, a new way to approach harsh realities or long-term commitments.

Astrology for January 20-26, 2021

Aquarius Season - Talkin' Bout A Revolution

The Sun entered Aquarius January 19th, joining Saturn, Jupiter and Mercury (who will retrograde at the end of the month). This Aquarius Season is ripe for some electrifying moments. Zingers and Zealots, Breakouts, breakthroughs, breakdowns and yes, even revolution, are all menu options.

Aquarius, the Water Bearer, is a Fixed Air Sign. The Sun is far from its home in Aquarius, so we have to get creative and innovative about how to proceed. The good news is, Aquarius points us to the horizon, the possibilities that lay beyond our current predicament.

Astrology for January 27- Feb 2, 2021

Leo Full Moon - Leadership Under Pressure

Talking about all things Leo, leadership and this dynamic pressure cooker of a Full Moon in Leo that takes place on January 28th, 2021. I also include question prompts to help guide you through this energy.

We also have Venus conjunct the Lord of the Underworld (Pluto) and Mercury Retrograde this week. Never a dull moment!

Astrology for January 13-19, 2021

Capricorn New Moon - Everything Old is New Again

The Capricorn New Moon is calling us to conceive of new ways of doing that which is familiar to us. A feminine cardinal earth sign – Capricorn’s job is to initiate the long-range plan, and to do so from a place of inner authority. How do we do that? By mastering something, by putting one foot in front of the other, through the process of maturing.

There is a sense of the old and new coming together in a very different way now. We're charged with taking our experiences, as they relate to the Capricorn area of our charts, and using them as fertilizer for what we wish to grow here.