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Everyone On The Titanic Was On The Same Boat Too
(Random Thoughts From Today)

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Chaos Tiles

Why do people take positions of power/leadership if they are not, in fact, willing to lead?

Have you ever read a definition of “leadership?”  Cause I just did, and it’s pretty vague.

Maybe that’s the problem.  Nobody actually knows what it means.  It’s too open to interpretation.

Maybe we need a new definition.

One that’s less tied to our patriarchal understanding of what it means to be a leader. 

Actually, fuck the patriarchy. 

No. That’s not harsh.

It’s the reason we’re in this mess.

And by this mess, I mean Covid, Climate Crisis, Health Care Crisis, Economic Crisis, Opioid Crisis, Mental Health Crisis….and every other fucking crisis you can name. 

Don’t believe me?  Good. 

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This Week's Witchy Wednesday!

Astrology for February 10-16, 2021

Aquarius New Moon - Power to the People (or Planting Magic Beans)

The Aquarius New Moon on February 11th, is a harbinger of change, a call to collective action. Personally, we each have the opportunity to take back our power and to plant some magic beans in at least one area of our lives. These seeds of change will grow steadily over the coming weeks, months and years if we're open to experimenting a little and doing the work ahead.

With six planets in Aquarius, this New Moon is reminiscent of the February 1962 Solar Eclipse which featured 7 planets in the Fixed Air sign and harkened in an explosion of social and political unrest, civil rights, antiwar, and independence movements, innovations in science, space and medicine, iconic music, literature and art. This was the inception of 1960s counterculture, the breakdown of old traditions, rules and established norms, and the backlash from those people and institutions who preferred the status quo.