7 Card Reading

What's in the Cards? Birthday Reading - Yearly/Seasonal Overview Reading

This 7 card tarot reading, will give you an overview of the year or period ahead.  This is a great reading to have (or gift) around a birthday, at the start of a new year, or anytime you would like more in depth insight into the cycle ahead.  I can cover 3 months, or a whole year, the choice is yours.  The reading is presented in simple terms, in point form, so you can easily reference it whenever you need a reminder or re-focus.

This reading covers the following areas:

    1. Main theme of the year/cycle 
    2. Departing energies of previous year/cycle 
    3. Talents/Strengths to embrace 
    4. Opportunities to embrace 
    5. Potential obstacles to be aware of
    6. How to navigate obstacles
    7. Best path to achieving intentions/goals 

Your reading will be sent to you  as an audio (Mp3) recording. I will also include a photo of your card spread.