Planetary Transit Reading - Lara Newell-Barrette

The planets are in constant motion.  As they travel (transit) they move through the houses (life areas) according to your birth chart and have conversations with the planets in your chart.  In other words, transits tell us what's going on with the planets in real time, and how it may impact us personally (or collectively). When we look at where the planets are currently in the sky relative to the birth chart, we can decipher certain themes that are playing out and what may be coming up for you in the weeks and months ahead.  A transit reading can help you take advantage of opportunities and/or prepare for potential challenges ahead. In this approximately 45 minute recorded audio reading, I'll examine the significant transits that are currently at play or coming up over the next several months, and what that means for you specifically.
Please Note: A birthchart reading is a prerequisite to having a transit reading. You can have them done together if you've never had a birthchart reading with me before.

The reading will be recorded as an audio file (MP3) for you to download and keep.  I will also email you a copy of your birth chart that shows the current planetary transits addressed in the reading.