A Deep Dive with The Moon

The Moon reflects our emotional, instinctual, subconscious and intuitive self. This approximately 45 min recorded audio reading, focuses specifically and intensely on the Moon in your birth chart. I’ll cover the significance of the Moon, your personal Moon Sign, the life area (house) that your Moon Sign is most reflected in, the phase of the Moon you were born under and what that means, the dates of new and full moons in your sign for the upcoming year, and suggestions for how to capitalize on these energies.

I’ll also look at any aspects (important conversations) between the Moon and other planets and points in your chart. Lastly, I’ll cover your progressed moon to give you some insight into what the energy of the Moon is illuminating for you at present.

The reading will be emailed to you as an audio file (MP3) for you to download and keep for future reference.