Astrology & Combo Readings

What's in the Stars?

In basic terms, astrology is the study of astronomical objects (stars, planets), and specific points in the sky, and how these correlate to/reflect/impact life on earth, on both a collective, and individual level.  Astrology is an ancient, and vast wisdom tradition, practiced in some form, by every culture on earth.  There are many branches of astrology.  I approach the chart from the perspective of Evolutionary Astrology which uses the birth/natal chart as a tool to understand a person's general personality, essence, and unique soul's path.  Using the information in your birth chart, I can help you to understand yourself, and your soul's journey.  This can be a powerfully validating, and healing experience, and one that can help you grow, and evolve towards your truest potential.  

Here's what some clients have had to say about their experience...

"Lara! Wow! I will be listening to both readings again. They spoke to my soul. So many things were resonating with me. Thank you so have provided me with positive guidance and direction." ~ Tammy

"It’s crazy how accurate your reading was!" ~Kelly

"You've done it again. It floors me how spot on you are and how much these readings resonated with me." ~Nadine

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For astrology readings, I will need your date (year, month, day), and place of birth, and your birth time, if you know it, or at least a close estimation.  Readings can still be done without a birth time, but this allows for a more detailed, and accurate reading.  I endeavour to get astrology readings delivered within 10 business days of order, but this may vary depending on my schedule.  Readings are always confidential.  

All prices are in CDN$ and incl. HST.  Prices reflect the time it takes to create the chart, do a careful analysis, and relay the information to you.

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