Something About Truth

(Photo cred: Riccardo Annandale on Unsplash )

riccardo annandale 140624.truth


I want to tell you something about Truth.

Truth is a powerful force, and a magical healing balm. 

Elusive, slippery, ethereal. Palpable, solid, unwavering. 

Sometimes, heart stopping, life shattering, grotesque. 

Sometimes, heart opening, life affirming, radiant.

Often, all of this at once.

A bubbling cauldron of paradox.

Truth can be difficult to acknowledge, and even more difficult to speak. 

It can make your palms sweat, your voice crack, and your whole being shake. 

Truth can run through you like an electric shock, leaving you gasping, disoriented, lit up.

If you deny Truth, it will gnaw at your insides like a hungry beast, not stopping until it’s satisfied.

You may be unaware of its presence.  But it's always there, hiding quietly in the shadows, for the opportunity to show itself.

Then one day, you’re sitting at your desk, or walking the dog, or having coffee with a friend, or fetching a midnight snack, and you sense a faint whisper in your ear, have a flash of knowingness, or feel a churning in your gut.

You may choose to stop, and acknowledge. “Hello truth.  Yes, I feel you there.  I will abide”

Or, you might choose to ignore Truth, brush it off as a distraction, a system glitch, a coincidence. 

You might pretend you didn’t notice a thing.  Blissful ignorance.

Because, if you DID acknowledge it, then what? 

What I really want you to know, is that you can choose to ignore the hungry beast, but it won’t go away. 

The longer it’s neglected, the more ravenous, frantic and gnarly it becomes. 

You will grow sick and tired, on every level, trying to keep it locked up in the dark.

Despite your best efforts, you won’t be able to contain it, and eventually it will bust out, demanding to be recognized.

Usually, this will happen at a most inconvenient time… like when you’re at a wedding, preparing for a job interview, at the school play, or miles away from the nearest box of Kleenex.

Once Truth escapes, you’ll have to deal with the mess it makes.  Because even though it means well, it always makes a mess.

Of course, you can continue to deny it.  “Nothin’ to see here!” 

Yes, you could look the other way, when Truth appears. The choice is always yours to make.

Just know, that if denial is your path of choice, you can be certain that Truth will resurface with a vengeance, because Truth never, ever goes away. 

You see, Truth cannot be destroyed by anything.  Not the wildest fabrications, nor the most vehement rejections can eradicate it.

When Truth reappears after being shunned, it will take no prisoners, and be sure to leave a twisted path of destruction in its wake.

What I really want to tell you about Truth, is that if you muster up the courage to face it, to invite it in, no matter how colossal the mess it threatens, then you, brave soul, get to be the one who stared into the eyes of the beast, and lived to tell about it. 

Rest assured that in the end, your boldness will be rewarded.  For Truth will offer you a deep bow of gratitude, and bequeath you with extraordinary powers.