What's The Deal With Witchy Wednesday?

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Awhile back, I started a weekly feature on Facebook and Instagram called, Witchy Wednesday, where I pull an oracle/tarot card and share the message for the week.  I started this feature to practice honing my witchy woo skills publicly (me being brave and afraid over here), to gauge how receptive folks would be to that kind of thing, and for the sheer fun of it.  It’s something that brings me joy, and we could all use more of that!

A few months in and I’m loving it!  Truthfully, I’d keep doing it even if nobody ever read.  A lot of folks seem to like to message me or chat with me privately about the ‘mystical’ stuff, more than they prefer to ‘like, share or comment’ about it publicly.  Hey!  It’s o.k.  I get it.  Although a little more of that would help spread the word, I understand the reluctance.  I’ve believed in this stuff forever (with discernment) and have been well aware of my connection to the unseen since childhood, but am only now feeling brave enough to really shine that light.  Frankly, I wish I hadn’t waited so long.

Let’s face it, oracle cards, energy work, astrology, souls, tarot, crystals, divination, telepathy, shamanism, spell-work, mysticism, past life regression, quantum physics, spirits, channeling, sacred geometry, so-called ‘alternative’ medicine, etc, isn’t the kind of conversation most of us launch into around the water cooler, but I believe that one day, it will be.  Despite what it looks like ‘out there’ in the media and such, the fact is, there are more people than ever waking up on the planet.  Hallefreakinglullah!  But, we’re still learning how to navigate this new frontier.  Collective change in consciousness doesn't happen over night.

Many of us, if we’re being honest, have our own beliefs and practices that we may view as being a little ‘on the fringe’.  It can be uncomfortable sharing that side of us with people, or even admitting it to it ourselves.  It seems especially so for the masculine among us.  We may fear persecution, judgement, or criticism.  It takes a certain level of willingness to be called things like - new age, naïve, weird, different, spiritual, eccentric, unrealistic, spacey, kooky, gullible, even crazy.  A lot of us just aren’t willing to go there. 

It’s taken a heck of a long time for me to be more open about a lot of things, but I’m basically over it now.  As I indicated in a previous blog post, I currently have my feet firmly planted in the, ‘mostly giving zero fucks about what other people think of me’ zone. I want to invite you over here too.  There’s lots of room and it’s liberating as hell!  I promise to keep you company.

Anyhow, since folks seem to be kinda curious about the ‘mystical’, and because I feel like it's high time to demystify and normalize the ‘witchy woo’, I wanted to tell you a little about my process and how these Witchy Wednesday type messages come about. 

Whenever I do these readings, I do a little pre-ritual of getting very calm, quiet, relaxed and comfortable, and then I put the question out to the universe asking to be guided to whatever message we (as a community/collective/tribe) need to hear most.  I also ask for the wisdom to be able to interpret and communicate the message in the most resonant and helpful way.  Then, I shuffle the deck, and when it feels right, I choose a card randomly, let go, and trust that whatever comes up, is what needs to be related.  I usually consult the guidebook that came with particular set of cards I’m using, and sometimes even do a little more research (on the astrology, or certain symbolism) if I’m feeling guided to, all with the intention of getting more clarity and rounding out the message.

It might sound very woo-woo to some, but it’s really a matter of tuning into the collective consciousness/energies and allowing what’s calling for attention to come forward. It’s a form of practical magic – meaning it may appear mystical (or downright crazy to the serious skeptics among us), but it has a foundation in reality.

Listen, there IS such a thing as collective consciousness/unconsciousness.  Energy IS real.  Don’t take my word for it, do your own research and you’ll find out for yourself.  I’m not makin’ this stuff up here folks!

The fact is, you don’t have to be able to see things for them to be real.  We can’t see gravity, or wireless signals, or our thoughts either, but we know that they exist.  People who work with intuition, energy, or any other kind of occult practices (FYI – occult basically just means knowledge of what cannot be seen), are tapping into the very real, but unseen. 

What allows some of us to be a little more in-tune with these things than others?  Well there are varying theories about this and I don’t pretend to have the answer.  I believe we all have these abilities on some level and that we need to learn to trust ourselves more.  Who among us hadn’t had a gut feeling, a hunch, or experienced an uncanny ‘co-incidence’ at some point?  We can choose to dismiss those happenings, or we can believe that they’re something more than just fluke, or our imaginations running wild.  That’s up to each of us to decide for ourselves.

Personally, the more I trust, practice, believe, and let go of my fear of judgement, the easier connecting with my inner wisdom/divine guidance/collective consciousness/whatever term you choose, becomes.

So there you have it, a little peak into my process, the truth I subscribe to, and how all of this came about.  If you like Witchy Wednesday, I’d love to know!  I may take it to video down the road.

Also, keep your eye on my Facebook and Instagram pages for the announcement regarding the launch of my new website - where I’ll be sharing more practical magic for brave and willing souls like you!