Here’s To The Good Guys!

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There seems to be never-ending talk in the news and on social media about the generally crappy and sometimes horrific behaviour perpetrated by certain men. Rape, mass murder, racism, sexism, domestic abuse, pedophilia, homophobia, tax evasion, political scandal, the abuse of power, rioting at sporting events, the list goes on. It’s really gross.

There’s no denying it. There are bad guys out there for sure. This atrocious man-behaviour gets a lot of attention, and I’m not suggesting for even a second that we ignore any of it, or that there aren't a few women out there who are equally as heinous. But I think we need to acknowledge more often, that there are good guys in this world too. A lot of them. In fact, I dare say they outnumber the bad guys by a whole heap. But the good guys are rarely the ones who make front page news. They may get an honorable mention here and there, but mostly, they just quietly go about their good guy business, expecting little or no recognition, while the scum bags among them do their damnedest to paint the whole lot in a negative light.

I’m fortunate to know a whole lot of good guys. I happen to be married to one of them in fact. So as Father’s Day approaches, let’s take this opportunity to give the good guys in our lives (even the ones who aren’t fathers) the props they deserve.
Here’s To The Good Guys!

The ones who know that examples are set from actions, not words
The ones who are just as mortified as the rest of us, when they see the bad guy headlines in the news

The ones who cry with us, when the time calls for it

The ones who know that being a ‘real man’ means being vulnerable, and responsible, and human

The ones who are there to help us pick up the pieces, without judgement, when bad things happen

The ones who know that the drive for dominance and power, are actually signs of inner weakness

The ones who have the courage to break bad habits, or end destructive cycles

The ones who know that history doesn’t have to repeat itself

The ones who have the guts to tell the truth

The ones who know that nurturing, is not something reserved for the feminine among us

The ones who sometimes lay awake at night, worrying about how to make things better

The ones who know that allowing others to be who they are, does not make them less of who they are

The ones who never use phrases like, ‘boys will be boys’ to justify bad behaviour

The ones who know that integrity is not just something you can buy or pretend to have, it’s something you live

The ones who do what they say they’re going to do

The ones who aren’t afraid to admit when they've messed up, and to make it right

The ones who know that ‘sorry’ is just a word, and that actions are what really count

The ones who aren’t afraid to say what they really think, when the occasion calls for it

The ones who know that building up their own self esteem, should never come at the expense of someone else’s

The ones who quietly and determinedly support the people they care about, because that’s what good guys do
The ones who understand that clothes (or cars or tools or money or toys or biceps or prestige) don't make the man, but that heart and soul and authenticity do

The ones who love passionately and loyally, and aren’t afraid to show it

The ones who stand up for what they know is right, no matter who is watching or listening

The ones who make us laugh, especially when we don’t feel much like laughing

The ones who aren’t afraid to call us on our shit, when they know it’s in our best interest

The ones who push us to be the best version of ourselves, even when we can’t see what that is

So good guys, and you know who you are, we don’t say it nearly enough, but we want you to know that we appreciate you. Your good deeds don’t go unnoticed, even if it seems that way sometimes. Please keep doing what you do, because the world would be a scary place without you. We know you’re out there, and we’ve got your backs!
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