Free As A Bird


                  The perpetrator, feigning innocence

Several years ago, a cat adopted us. No, I don't have that backwards, I mean SHE adopted US. She literally walked into our house one day and never left. We called her Nigella. She is adorable, and clearly knows how to get what she wants. Before her, we always considered ourselves more dog people. But now we're cat people too. Nigella is the chillest, most affectionate, low maintenance, least annoying creature on the planet....except for one small thing. She's a total serial killer.

She must have honed her hunting skills when she lived on her own, out in 'the wild'. You can't tame those instincts. She is a keen huntress who regularly takes down birds and the occasional mouse or vole that dares enter our yard.  Do not let her fluffy, innocent appearance fool you.

You'd think that after several years of this, the prey would get a clue and start avoiding her territory. But they don't. In fact, just the other day I was out on the deck and I noticed at least half a dozen birds of different varieties roaming around the lawn and perched in the trees. Robins were pecking about the lawn, chickadees on the maple branches and a blue jay in the cedars.  The starlings that occupy the bird house above our garage had returned from the south, and earlier that day, two doves were sitting on the railing happily cooing to one another.


                       Just doing what birds do

It appears that the birds don't avoid living their lives because they are afraid of the possibility of being attacked by the resident cat. Instead, they carry on doing what birds do, focusing on the present moment and not worrying about what scary thing might happen in the future, when they search for bugs in the yard/perch on the railing/build their nest under the deck. In fact, it seems they could care less about Nigella and her penchant for bird hunting. Or maybe they are aware of the potential of an encounter with her. Maybe they are afraid, but willing to risk it in order to fulfill their calling as birds.


                         Nothin' to see here

As I stood on the deck surveying the scene, I thought to myself, "Huh, we could really learn a lesson from these birds." Imagine if we humans didn't let our fear of what 'might' happen get in the way of living our lives. Imagine if, like the birds, we lived freely and bravely, in order to fulfill our own calling of being fully, completely, wholeheartedly, courageously, who we were meant to be. How would our lives look different if we stopped letting fear make our decisions?


I've designed a 5 week e-course called, Kick Fear To The Curb so we can all practice living more bravely. It's not necessarily about huge, bold moves (but of course that's up to you). It's more about not letting fear prevent us from living our lives. You know.... like the birds.

+1 # Julie 2016-05-17 10:53
Lara, thank you for making my day. I love what you said. We should never let fear stop us from living our lives! Really enjoyed reading this post :)
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