My Collection


In Brave Blogging, we were asked to write about something we collect.  My collection is a messy, crazy, jumble of stuff.....which actually, makes perfect sense when I think about it.

I collect light to draw on, when the darkness surrounds me.

I collect hugs from my son that make me feel like I am doing something right.

I collect smiles and kisses from my daughter that help me remember what’s important.

I collect frogs, because they keep me mindful of healing and sensitivity and remind me  that transformation is not always pretty or comfortable, but always worth it.

I collect memories of people I knew, who died too early and left me wondering, what if?

I collect visits from those people in my dreams.  They always tell me they’re o.k. and so  am I.

I collect the feelings of everyone I encounter and sometimes, the heaviness is unbearable.

I collect memories of sitting in a green lawn chair at the lake, and feeling all is well.


I collect facts about my astrology chart, in hopes of shining some light on my messy, crazy life.

I collect moments of soul connection with other people.  The kind where you get that feeling of, ‘I know you, I see you, you are not alone’.

I collect quotes that make me feel good and words that resonate deeply.

I collect learning experiences.  I’m drawn to them like a moth to a flame.

I collect cans of paint from all the times I have painted my house.

I collect photos of food.   Mostly ones I take my self.


I collect struggles that sometimes drag me down, but mostly help me to remain calm when the shit hits the fan.

I collect hopes of one day, having zero burden to carry.

I collect good news, because the world already has enough bad news collectors.

I collect rocks and gems because they help me to stay grounded.

I collect patience, because I have no choice.

I collect moments of freedom, because they keep me sane.

glorious mess




+1 # Kaye 2016-04-03 22:38
Beautiful collections! :-)
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