Wash, Rinse, Repeat

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In the Brave Blogging course I'm taking, with the amazing Andrea Scher, we're learning how to capture the small moments.  I'm realizing that there is so much meaning in the small, everyday moments.  A series of small moments all strung together, is what makes a life.  The little things definitely matter.

Going to the basement to retrieve stuff for lunches from the cold storage.  On my way past, I glance over at the laundry room and notice the piles of laundry I had separated on Sunday....today is the following Thursday.  No kidding. 

Then, I realize that the last load I put in the washing machine on Sunday....is still there.  Did I mention today is Thursday?  I open the door to the waft of musty, neglected clothes that have been waiting to be dried for days.  Ick.

As I pour more soap in and re-start the machine, I keep expecting myself to get all huffy and start muttering under my breath about how I must be the only one around here who knows how to work the goddam washing machine.

But instead, something weird happens.  I just laugh.  I laugh as I realize that the laundry was forgotten about because life, although not perfect, is full of good stuff these days.  Not just full of busy-ness and chores and keeping up with the Jones', but full of freedom and joy and creativity and living. 

And for that, I'd re-wash 100 loads of laundry any day.


laundry everywhere

0 # estelle 2016-03-24 07:13
Perfect reminder of the important things in life Lara. These days fly by so quickly and when, in your empty nest years, you have lots of time for laundry it won't be the housework you remember. It will always be there, enjoy your busy life!
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