Enter.....Radiant Joy

A couple of nights ago, I had one of those Eureka moments. See, I've worked on uncovering my Core Desired Feelings for about a year or so now, and I was pretty confident I finally had all of them nailed down. There were a couple that I KNEW from the start, and a couple that I tried on for size for a while, until I realized they didn't quite resonate. That's the way the Desire Mapping process unfolded for me personally.

Eventually, the feelings that really clicked were: Connection, Abundance, Shakti (divine, feminine creative power) & Easy Freedom (cause in my mind....there IS such a thing as freedom that doesn't feel easy).

Yep! Got it! THOSE are the feelings I desire. Next step....start making decisions and directing my life in such a way that leads me to those feelings as often as possible. Check!

This process has been a total game changer for me. Like, TOTAL.

Knowing how I really want to feel in life, has helped me finally make decisions that I had laboured over for years.....Like finally taking the leap to work for myself....something I have ALWAYS known I wanted, but until I realized why (because I wanted to feel more connected, creatively powerful, free and abundant), and how that might look, I just couldn't make the move. Living from my core desired feelings has put me in a better place mentally, physically, in my relationships, in my work, in ALL areas of my life. I am massively grateful for this, and happier than ever.

But..... Because it's our nature to evolve (or we stagnate), I recently started getting this vague 'something is missing' vibe. Hmmm.....yep, there is ONE other thing I KNOW I really want more of, but I couldn't quite put my finger on it, until last night.

I had just gotten tired enough to put my book down (I'm re-reading The Desire Map in preparation for my upcoming workshop). I was lying there all cozy and sleepy, going over recent events, thinking of all the good stuff and great people in my life, with my family in very close proximity (all four of us have been camped out for the last two weeks because of some major house repairs going on), when suddenly
this warm fuzzy, joyful, tingly wave washed over me and Eureka, it hit me! THAT!!! THAT'S IT!!!!! THAT'S the feeling I want more of!!!

Enter......Joyful Radiance.

Big smile, deep breath.

Hell Yeah!



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Shine On!


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