A Return To Balance

(RGB Tarot Art by: Lily Williams)

RGB Tarot Card by Lily Williams


This is the first blog post I’ve published in almost three years. I knew it had been awhile, but I was shocked when I realized just how long.  I have been writing in some form – on Facebook, in a couple of writing classes, in sporadic emails to my subscriber list (sorry), for my therapist, occasionally in my grimoire, and in endless to-do lists but, I haven’t published a formal piece of writing in over 1000 days. 

There are a million reasons for this – other things pulling focus, loss, grief, anger, sadness, guilt, shame, fear, all the feels, drama, lack of motivation, lack of clarity, shaken faith, shifting perspectives, personal growth, hustling, parenting, Saturn, Pluto and Jupiter in my 5th House (thank the goddess two of them are moving out in December), and of course, 2020.  Ugh. 

I’ve been feeling the call to realign, to strike a better balance in my life, to find the intersection of work and pleasure (lessons from the 5th house).  Part of this is the realization that I miss writing in a more formal way, so it’s time to get back on the horse. It feels unsteady, so I’ll take it slow and easy until I regain my confidence, such as it ever was. I’ll allow the ride to be imperfect.

It’s no coincidence that this renewed commitment to balance is aligned with the Equinox – When the Sun moves from the discernment of Virgo to the balance-seeking of Libra.  For a moment, the light and darkness are equals.  Then the scales tip.  In the Northern Hemisphere we are entering longer nights, while down under, the opposite is true.

Virgo season always asks us what we are devoted to.  It encourages us to separate wheat from chaff.  It prompts us to sift through all the data, details, grains of sand, and choose that which serves us, and by extension, the collective.  Once we’ve decided what deserves and requires our attention, we can go about the meticulous, sacred work of pouring ourselves into our work, our devotions, our craft.

Where Virgo can trip us up, is in the search for perfection.  We don’t choose, because what if we make the wrong choice?  We don’t start the project, because what if it’s total shit and nobody likes it?  We don’t put down the bag of M&Ms, because what’s the point?  Life is short, and we deserve to treat ourselves.  We don’t tackle the clutter, because it will just get messy again (or because we don’t even know where to start).  We don’t speak our truth, have the difficult conversation, or stand up for what we believe, because it might offend someone, and people might not like us for it.  We don’t write or hit publish on the blog post, because who the hell wants to hear what we have to say, anyhow?  You get the picture.

The gift of Libra Season is the opportunity to ask ourselves where things are out of balance in our lives, our psyches, our minds, our bodies, our families, our communities, our world.  Where does equilibrium, equality and justice need to be restored?

The Equinoxes are times when we plant new seeds or prepare the ground for what will be harvested in six months time, at the next Equinox.  Think back to March (when we first entered lockdown) – what did you plant at that time (intentionally or unconsciously)?  Now, six months later, what is it you’re reaping?

If you’re happy with the harvest, now is a time of celebration.  Keep doing what you’re doing.  Plant more seeds, tend the earth, go willingly into the darkness to reap your rewards, and retrieve new gifts from the muse.

If you’re feeling out of sync, less than thrilled with the fruits of your labours, like a bystander in your own life or a victim of circumstance, then now is a time to contemplate how you can regain your footing, center yourself, re-evaluate your priorities, change your approach, all with an eye on what you want to plant, reap or harvest in six months time.

The Equinoxes, along with other points in the natural cycles, give us an opportunity to create and live our lives from intention, rather than habit (which our modern, stressed out, capitalistic, patriarchal world would prefer).

The Ancients knew the importance of the Equinoxes, as evidenced by the megalithic sites all over the world that align with them.  Our ‘advanced’ society seems to have forgotten the relevance of these and other celestial events.  But there is a great remembering happening.  People all over the world have renewed interest in the inherent wisdom and magic of the natural world.  Especially those of us in the industrialized world who sense the pendulum has swung too far, and are seeking restoration of our sanity, our health, our humanness. 

On the wheel of the year, which is a natural calendar used by witches, pagans and anyone who wants to live more in tune with natural vs artificial rhythms, the Autumnal Equinox (also known as Alban Elfed, Winter Finding, Mabon, or Witches’ Thanksgiving) in practical terms, is a time of giving thanks for the abundance of the harvest, and to acknowledge that winter is indeed coming whether we like it or not, so we may as well prepare ourselves. 

Our preparations and acknowledgment of the changing seasons, can take the form of stocking up for winter, pickling, preserving, spreading mulch, chopping wood, putting away the lawn furniture, switching out the wardrobe, re-visiting recipes for our favourite comfort foods, making sure the kids have winter boots that fit, and/or cleaning our indoor space thoroughly, with the awareness that we will be spending more time indoors over the coming months. It’s also common practice to share our abundance (if we have some to spare), with those who may be less fortunate or struggling.

Personally, I think of this more as a season (Libra Season), so don’t tie yourself in knots thinking that you have 24 hours to make the next six months count.  Ask any witch worth their salt, and they’ll tell you that there are no hard and fast rules. The right thing to do, is the thing that feels right for you and your life, not what feels forced or unnatural.

May we seek balance in our hearts, our lives, our world.