25ish Things About Me


Me, just about to break a world record with 800 of my new friends. (See #20)
(Sorry to whoever's butt that is in the background)

So, I'm taking this writing course with Laurie Wagner called 'Telling True Stories'.  I decided to do this for a few reasons.  First off, because I need a kick in the ass to write consistently.  Also, I always strive to be truthful in my writing, but I feel like I could do a better job of sharing my authentic voice with you.  I always resonate with those people who are vulnerable, badass, truth tellers, and I want to be one of them.  I believe whole heartedly that sharing our stories can be healing and transformative for ourselves, and the people we share them with.  By sharing struggles, triumphs, quirks, wisdom gained from experience, and all the other stuff of life, it's my hope to connect with you in a meaningful way and to let you know that you are not alone.  We are ALL just trying to be human together. 

The first assignment we were given, was to write a kind of 'list' consisting of 25 things the reader (that's you) wouldn't necessarily know about you (that's me).  Now I'm gonna admit (See? Me being truthful right here), that I ALMOST took the easy way out and just used the list I used to have posted on my 'About' page.  Then I decided that felt icky and out of integrity and was a shitty way to start out the course.  Really the opposite of why I am doing this.  I HAVE included a couple of those things from the 'about' page here, because it made sense to.  But much of this, is stuff that I never would have shared even a year ago.  So, deep breath, here goes........

25ish Things About Me

  1. My favourite place to be is in front of the fire, preferably with a glass of red wine.
  2. My second favourite place to be is by the water.
  3. About 3 years ago, I met my brother for the first time.  Yep, that story would be an epic tale to write.
  4. I refer to my intuition as my ‘Spidey Senses’.  My Spidey Senses are pretty freaky a lot of the time.  But apparently, not freaky enough to know that I had a brother ‘out there’ for 40 some years.
  5. I love to play air guitar.  I wish I knew how to play real guitar.  I took lessons for a while but got frustrated because I wasn’t Keith Richards off the bat, so I gave up.  Now I’ll never be Keith.  Damn.
  6. I once helped orchestrate Thanksgiving dinner for 600.  It didn't even freak me out.  I could totally kick Gordon Ramsay's ass if I had to...But don't tell him I said that.
  7. When I hit adulthood – around 30, I tried really hard to be ‘normal’.  After about 10 years, I realized that pretending to be who you’re not, is fucking exhausting and soul crushing.  So I’m learning to let my freak flag fly.  So liberating!
  8. I go through phases of being super self-critical and feeling like people don’t really want what I have to offer.  I hear this is part of being human.  I’m hoping that’s true.
  9. I crave comfort - an itchy tag or a cold ankle can distract me for an entire day.
  10. I’m always cold.  I sleep with a heating pad.  As I write this, I have a heated blanket draped over my lap.  I figure that when the hot flashes hit at menopause…I’ll be about perfect temperature.
  11. I dated my husband for exactly 29 days before he proposed.  21 years later – we’re still figuring stuff out together.
  12. When I was a kid, I wanted to be Indiana Jones.
  13. Also, when I was a kid, and people were having conversations around me, sometimes their voices would start to sound like they were speaking in an alien tongue.  I so wish I were kidding here.  That stopped when I hit my teens.  WTF?
  14. Also, when I was a kid, I sometimes dreamt in different languages.  I could speak fluent German or some other cryptic language, but when I woke up….it was gone.  Can you believe my parents never took me to a shrink?
  15. Eventually, I did go to a shrink….but it had nothing to do with the voices I heard or the crazy dreams.  It had mostly to do with a whole lot of baggage I was carrying around.  So cliché.  Eventually, I realized that most shrinks are too busy carrying around their own baggage to be effective.  I did manage to find one who was pretty helpful for a while…..But my EAP said I could only talk to him 5 times…because you know….you don’t want your employees getting too happy.  For the record, I am NOT against shrinks (sorry, but that's fun to say in my head) and I believe therapy can be mega helpful for a lot of people.  I also believe that sometimes you find your way back to the light in totally unconventional ways.  Whatever works.  Do that.
  16. Food takes up A LOT of my time. Actually, maybe my favourite place to be is in the kitchen.  Hmmmm.
  17. I think Drew Barrymore and I would be besties if we ever met.  You can totally tell her I said that.
  18. In about grade 5, I was OBSESSED with S.E. Hinton’s ‘The Outsiders’….my mother actually hid the book because she couldn’t deal with my meltdown every time I got to the part where Johnny dies.  I eventually found it, and gave it to my son ;-)
  19. I love that I was born in the 60s.  1969 – But it still counts!
  20. In 2014, I took a leap outside my comfort zone and travelled alone, to the World Domination Summit in Portland.  It was one of the best things I’ve ever done for myself.  I met some of my ‘tribe’ there and it confirmed for me that ‘normal’ was highly overrated, and that doing what’s uncomfortable kicks ass….after you get past the discomfort part.  That week, 800 of my new friends and I, broke a world record for the longest yoga chain.  Namafreakingste!
  21. Small talk exhausts me.....I sometimes zone out when people are talking about the latest episode of, blah, blah, blah.....                                 
  22. I’m a Pisces, Virgo Rising, Scorpio Moon.  Translation…..a creative, imaginative, empathic, intense, control freak.  I dabbled in astrology as a kid.  A few years ago I started getting reacquainted with it.  I am now in TOTAL love with astrology. I cannot believe they don’t teach that shit in school.  WAAAAAY more effective than any therapy I ever had.
  23. I often feel like I communicate better in writing than in person.  It’s easier for me to articulate what’s in my head when I write it down.  My mouth likes to filter what's in my head a lot.  Like for instance, I swear way more in writing than I do when I'm talking. I think it might have something to do with my Mercury in Aquarius. ;-)  It might also have to do with the 8 year old swear police that lives in my house.  She's having none of it.
  24. I have degrees in Education, Anthropology, Political Science and most of a Master’s in Human Development. I panicked and quit just before defending my thesis because I got a flash of where I was headed if I stayed on that path….Straight to ‘Normalville’….Eeek!  I wish I had a degree in Astrology.
  25. I was an Elementary School Teacher for 10 years.  The system was stifling and seemed to be obsessed with turning out drones, rather than thriving humans.  Deep bow to all the teachers and educators who stick it out, but I decided I couldn’t be part of it anymore.  I still teach, but on my own terms. 
  26. You probably already figured this one out….I can’t stand feeling like I’m living by someone else’s rules.  (See how I wrote 26 things instead of 25?  I seriously couldn’t help myself!).  Freedom is the magic potion that keeps me (mostly) sane.

I would LOVE to know what you think.  I would also love it if you wanted to share some of your own 'things'.  Go ahead...write your own list!  Hell, do it right here in the comments if you want.  Or on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, on your very own blog, or in your journal if you're not ready to share just yet.  The point is, doing this is so liberating on a number of levels.  It allows you to be introspective and to realize that, 'Holy crap....I've done/seen a lot, I'm pretty damn awesome!' Or to say, 'Hey....I wonder if anyone else has these thoughts/experiences?'  (I can guarantee you they have).  Or....'Look at me being brave and vulnerable!'  THAT right there, is huge. 

In my experience, the beginning of everything meaningful and magical starts with our willingness to let down our guard, to acknowledge who we really are - warts and all, and to share that real self with the world.

"Vulnerability sounds like truth and feels like courage." 
~Brené Brown   (she's smart)


+1 # Susan Fry 2016-02-09 11:33
You rock. That is all.

Well actually...ther e is more. I'm so happy for you, that you're doing what you want to do and embracing all that[censored]e s with that. I'd wish for you success but you are already successful just in doing what you are doing. Being you!

Love ya,
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0 # Lara 2016-02-23 09:47
Susan!!! Thank you, thank you, thank you for these warm fuzzies. I am so fortunate to have this kind of support. xoxo
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+1 # Deborah Buckmaster 2016-03-02 18:42
I LOVED reading your list! And what a coincidence that in my small group today we were doing a study on Brene Brown and authenticity,
Agreeing and relating with Number 2 and 8 (and more!)
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0 # Lara 2016-03-03 10:15
Quoting Deborah Buckmaster:
I LOVED reading your list! And what a coincidence that in my small group today we were doing a study on Brene Brown and authenticity,
Agreeing and relating with Number 2 and 8 (and more!)

Thank you SO much for saying so :lol:
I love Brene Brown - she is so smart, and so real. I find lately, anything but authenticity is making me really u[censored]fort able and leaves me feeling out of integrity. I'm learning that vulnerability is [censored]ry - but so liberating.
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+1 # Melissa 2016-03-11 15:25
I LOVE your list, very interesting! I usually and not much if a list reader but I ready every one. I also work in ed[censored]tio n. I have also went to a shrink and ended up with the same opinion as you. I think we all need to live in "our own kind of normal". Great post and it was a pleasure to meet you!
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+1 # Tina 2016-07-20 15:24
I have a crush on Drew Barrymore ... Love my kitchen and love your freak flag;) we have many things in[censored]mon .... I'd also live for you to get your doctorate in astrology;) then teach me:P much love to you!
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